22 — 24.09 2023


There are three primary rules:

1.     Listen!

– Festival volunteers are charged with making sure the festival runs smoothly. If one of them asks you for help or requests that you do something different than what you are doing, please listen to their directions.

– In the event of an emergency, please listen to and follow the directions of the Safety Chief Officer and Rescue/Emergency professionals.

2.     Be safe!

– Festival-goers are expected to exercise common sense and avoid unnecessary risks.

– Don’t drink and drive! Know your limit and have a plan.

– Stay hydrated! In the event that you find yourself feeling light-headed, sit down and ask a volunteer for assistance.

3.     Have fun!

– Sabotage Festival welcomes all people and will make sure that all attendees have fun by treating others with respect. If a situation arises with another guest, please find a member of the Security Squad for assistance.

– Please have as much fun as humanly possible, but be sure to do so without impinging upon the abilities of other guest to also have fun and enjoy the day.


Secondary rules, guidelines, and advice follows for the safety and enjoyment of all guests:

Thank you for your understanding!