22 — 24.09 2023

The festival unfolds across two distinct realms: during the day, the vibrant atmosphere of a MultipleXity takes center stage, shattering the boundaries between art and technology. As night falls, the pulse of energy relocates to Escape Underground Hub, where an enthralling program lies in wait, poised to envelop your senses.

MultipleXity represents more than a mere physical space; it stands as a contemporary reinterpretation of history. In this realm, workshops and former tram depots, once guardians of the city’s urban narrative, have evolved to embrace their new role as the backdrop for the SABOTAGE Festival.

During the night, the Escape Underground Hub seamlessly transforms into a haven for urban culture. Here, the convergence of music and video projections creates a mesmerizing tapestry. A place where artists meld their talents to forge an auditory cosmos, and the audience evolves into a community.

We do hope you‘ll join us!